Tickets & Attractions

RARES is pleased to welcome as a Partner in our 2019 benefits program. We look forward to serving you as you take advantage of the many local and national discounts offered. 

Three ways to get the discounts

1. Order and pay for tickets on the RARES Website via our store.

2. Some vendors offer direct links to their Websites where you order your tickets directly

3. Show your Membership Card to get your discounts at locations such as restaurants, Corning Museum of Glass, and other locations

Use the menu at the top of the page to browse Paper Tickets - Store and click on the Partners menu to browse our exciting affiliate programs. Each vendor discount page has a link and instructions on how to purchase tickets.

On the Home Page you may also Sign Up to receive the weekly E-NEWSLETTER with the latest discounts and special offers.

RARES also has a Ticket Office at 312 West Commercial Street, East Rochester for same day pickup, mail orders and phone  inquiries.  Monday-Friday  9:30 AM-4:00 PM.  Be sure to order tickets in advance for quicker pick up.

Your RARES Membership includes FIVE additional Memberships that offer national and international
discounts. See the instructions on the flip side of this letter for how to enroll
for free in our affiliate programs with BenefitHub, Tickets At Work, Orlando Employee Discount Program, Best Benefits Club and Recreation Connection. Save on local outings, vacations and business trips by making the most of your membership.

If you have any questions or issues finding what you would like please feel free to call us at 585-789-0245.

You may also email us at