Ordering tickets


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Some amusement parks and sporting venues as well as Regal Movie Cinemas, Cinemark (Tineseltown), and AMC/Lowes, as well as the popular Delta Sonic & Buckmans Car Washes DO require advance purchase of tickets - you may NOT pickup tickets at the gate (there's a price you pay for the less expensive tickets and the price is convenience). Many amusement parks offer online electronic e-tickets. E-tickets allow you to print and pay for your discounted tickets online.

Other parks issue paper tickets to the RARES office and you have to obtain these tickets in advance. Paper tickets may be obtained from your RARES Rep at work if your company participates in the consignment ticket program or via mail. RARES has a store front in East Rochester across from Piano Works Mall ensuring maximum convenience.

We offer RARES members, mail ordering, for tickets to those events and activities that require tickets. See the instructions below for ordering these tickets by mail.

By mail

An option to our web store. Handling charges charges apply and they vary between $1 and $2.50 per order (on a sliding scale - anything over $100 will incur a $3.00 S & H charge). We endeavor to fill orders the same day that they are received (though we cannot always guarantee this due to the variability in mail time delivery). For most local orders, therefore, this means that if you mail an order on Tuesday, you may have the tickets back as soon as Thursday's mail and generally no longer than 4-5 business days. For out of area orders, plan on a few extra days mail time.

You may stop by our East Rochester location Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM to pick up available tickets or pre-orders

Download the RARES PDF Mail Order Form for all Movies, Theaters, Car Washes and select Sports, Outdoor, Recreation and Amusement Park Attractions (in season).

Delta Sonic & Applebee's holiday promotion - (mid-November through mid-February of each year (currently unavailable).

Delta Sonic's Applebee's holiday promotion provides significant savings of packages, typically 15% to 25% less than retail locations. These specially priced tickets are available approximately mid-November to mid-February of each year.

When ordering tickets by mail remember to include your name, company name, type of tickets, and how many.

Shipping and handling charges. FYI, when ordering by mail shipping and handling charges apply. The RARES Board assesses shipping and handling charges to recover the partial cost of materials and preparation for individual orders.

Handling Charges

Shipping/handling charges apply to each order*

Shipping & Handling (Note: Shipping and handling charges apply when ordering by mail. Up to $39.99 $1.50 $40 – 64.99 $2.00 $65 – 99.99 $2.50 $100+ $3.00 Amount must be included if applicable