A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the buying power of its members.


Our association is comprised primarily of two types of membership. Click on one of the links below to learn more about each type of membership level.:

  • Associate Members or vendors, who provide benefits to the RARES membership
  • General Members who are the businesses that join to obtain and offer these same benefits voluntarily to their employees. Once a company is approved for memberships, any employee may voluntarily become a member of RARES by accepting our membership card.
  • Individual/Family Memberships are available as well to those in the HR profession or related fields.

For further information on any of these categories of membership. just click on the red highlighted link. An investment in RARES is an investment in your professional development, your business, and your employees. It's one of the least expensive and most important investments you can make


Associate Members

Associate Membership was created for businesses that offer discounted goods and/or services as well as value added items that benefit or enhance employee programs. These discounts or value adds are offered to the RARES General Membership. For a small annual fee and a discount that you set to drive business, Associate Members can promote their products or services to our more than 300,000 General Members through this web site, a monthly newsletter, and special events such as our annual Spring Vendor Fair. And as all of our information is communicated electronically (either via our web site or through our newsletters), you may adjust your offers to our membership as business situations change.

Applications for membership are available below. Dues paid by associates fund many of our activities including ongoing educational seminars and charitable contributions supporting the local community and activities benefiting children.

It is the goal of RARES to utilize its collective "buying power" to maximize the savings available to its members. Associate Members (also referred to as Vendors) agree to offer RARES members a discount on their goods or services which is greater than the price offered to the general public. In return, Associate members who take advantage of our membership network receive a very attractive marketing opportunity and potential return on their investment.

Please note that RARES accepts NO outside advertising. Any promotions on this web site are placed by and for the benefit of our members only.

RARES is an extremely effective, low-cost method for reaching thousands of individuals in the Rochester area with information about your product or service. In 2016, Associate Membership in RARES is available for just $260 annually. The price remains the same as in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and only a 4% increase from 2004. Where else can you reach tens of thousands of individuals on a regular basis with information about your products or services for just a few hundred dollars? RARES membership dues have increased a total of $10 since 2004 - we are a fiscally austere association.

RARES offers you the following a-la-carte membership levels beginning with our preferred Profile Page membership level that will drive hundreds of interested discount seekers to your web page each month by virtue of our ongoing monthly promotions.

Membership Levels 2016 Annual Dues (Jan – Dec)
Associate Membership Your added value promotion to our RARES membership featured on our web site within designated category pages (e.g., amusement parks, electronics, etc.) and where appropriate, a dedicated profile page detailing your RARES offering and your services and/or products. All new members are featured in our regular newsletters and as you send us new information and offers throughout the year, you'll have additional opportunities to be placed in the newsletter. $260
Entertainment Membership RARES offers a special rate to restaurants and bed and breakfasts that will accept the RARES ID card at their establishment and another rate for restaurants that publish online coupons on the RARES web site. Please note that this rate is subject to change in the future. Please Inquire
Non-Profit/Small Business Associate Membership (special rate for our not-for-profit members) regular mentions in the RARES newsletter, featured notice in the newsletter of new or enhanced discounts, standard category listings for your discount along with contact information and links to your web site where applicable $180
A la carte opportunities 2016 Annual Dues (Jan – Dec)
General Membership Directory Available only to our associate member companies for a small additional fee. The perfect way to reach those company reps in Benefits and HR you want to make contact with. Includes current contact name, CEO name, # of employees, address, telephone, fax & E-mail addresses). The file is available electronically in Microsoft Access, Excel, and HTML formats. Updated regularly. This list is the most up-to-date and well-maintained membership list you will ever purchase. $75

General Member Benefits & Services

  • Membership Directory (additional cost)

    The RARES Membership Directory is published annually (updated regularly, typically about 3-4 times a year) and available to all Associate Member vendors for an annual fee (see General Membership Directory above). The Membership Directory is a complete mailing, e-mail, and telephone list of the RARES representatives within our General Membership population (typically Human Resource Directors and Benefits Specialists) - providing you with an excellent means for creating the opportunity for one-on-one contact. Please note that we do limit the # of Associate Members who may obtain the Membership Directory in an effort to control the amount of mail and e-mail our General Member representatives receive.

  • Newsletters

    Our online newsletter is published regularly (approximately 48 times a year) with a readership of 26,000+ for each issue and is available (space permitting) for promoting your program at no extra charge.

    The RARES Newsletter is published throughout the year and is made available only to RARES Representatives in each member company. This publication allows you to target your promotions directly to HR/Benefits personnel.

  • Web Site Marketing

    RARES also helps you promote your products through our web site. Teaser ads, vendor profiles and links to your company's web site are all available. If a RARES member agrees to offer your program they will distribute promotional materials and sell the program to their employees and their families.

    We have consistently received over 2 million hits on our web site each month since 2010! By 2013, that # had grown to 3.25 million hits monthly

    The most successful Associate Members in RARES are those who truly offer a real value and significant discount on their product or service coupled with a good promotional program and a strong desire to work closely with the RARES association and its members.

  • Vendor Fairs

    At least one Vendor Fair is held each year. One is always held in the Spring and one may be held in the Fall, depending upon member demand. This year's Spring Vendor Fair is scheduled to take place in early May and features a casino event with The Dealers. These popular events are an opportunity for Associate Members to showcase their program to our General Members and provide the opportunity to network with General Representatives face-to-face. There is a small fee for participating vendors. The exhibition fee in 2010, 2011 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 was $125 (only $100 to early registrants).

  • Exposure to our membership

    As an Associate Member vendor, you'll want to know who you reach. There is no average RARES member. Our members are employees of our 300+ member companies and as such they cover the spectrum in ages and lifestyles. The total employee population reported to us by our member companies (NY only) is in excess of 300,000. Within Monroe County, there are approximately 240 member companies with an employment base of 230,000+.

    For the 12 month period ending July, 2014, our monthly hit rate on our web site as reported was 2.69 million hits monthly - an almost two-fold increase from our 2009 levels. The # of unique visitors averaged over 34,400 monthly.

    Rares membership isn't for everyone, but here are a few comments from RARES Associate Members about our program:

    Ontario Barn Vineyards is more than tripling its wine-making capacity. RARES membership has been a major factor in new customer exposure. Chris Staub, Ontario Barn Vineyards
    OMG, my phone rang off the hook today thanks for sending it out so soon. What a great investment!!! Tina Servis, Maid 2 Clean Rochester
    I wanted to thank you for your help . . .. We have seen a good number of people come through with the RARES cards. It has helped our sales and I would like to thank you for contacting us so we could work together. Wayne Brockman, Jr., Haunted Houses of Rochester
    I wanted to let you know that I have been invited to the benefits fair at Rotork Controls. I have been pushing [them] to pick up my program for a year and a half, and thanks to RARES, I was finally able to move forward. Your help is greatly appreciated. Joseph Condidorio, Rochester Optical
    Well I am sure glad we went to the Spring Vendor Fair. I was very surprised. I had no idea what a great partner we had in RARES. I was able to make a lot of great contacts, now we will have to see how it pays off. I am sure we will be a lot more involved with your organization now that I have seen the power you have to generate contacts for us. Carl Lester, Victor Uno Chicago Grill
    You do such a great job with this! Our [information] looks awesome….thanks for all your help. Elaine Rallo, Corporate Sales Manager, Rochester/Syracuse, Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems
    I’d say joining RARES is the most brilliant thing I’ve done in a long time and you can quote me! Mary Kay Marks, Sales Associate, Hope Lake Lodge and Indoor Waterpark

    Click to download the documents in the links below for membership registration and information

    .doc .pdf
    Associate Membership Brochure Associate Membership Brochure
    Associate Membership Application Associate Membership Application

    Membership into RARES puts you among some of the finest corporations in upstate New York. Over 330 General member companies with 300,000+ employees, more than 175 Associate Member Vendors, and the numbers are growing rapidly!

    For a small additional fee, your company may also become a General Member, whereby your employees also become eligible to receive all of the discounts offered by other RARES Associate Members - allowing you to enhance your own employee benefits and services.

    Here is a listing of many (but certainly not all) of our current Associate Members (Vendors) that offer discounts to RARES members. Please note that you should NOT use this list to avail yourself of current discounts as all links may not connect to the discount offer in question. For information on current discounts, consult the alphabetical listing or search by discount category.

General Members

General membership is designed for businesses or community organizations interested in enhancing, developing, or starting employee services programs within their companies. General membership in RARES is held by a company and will provide ALL employees of your company (and their families) who voluntarily wish to be included with discounts on goods and/or services that are provided by our Associate Member vendors. We currently have over 330 General Member companies with a total employee population of over 300,000+ people throughout New York State and the Northeast. Applications for membership are available below.

RARES provides access to group discounts on life insurance, workmen's compensation insurance, auto & home insurance as well as long-term care insurance to its General Member organizations through relationships with select companies. RARES also provides discounts on Wellness Access cards which provide discounts on prescription drugs, telemedicine through Teleadoc, Lasik discounts, vision discounts, hearing discounts, and more.

RARES also hosts a number of seminars throughout the year on topics of interest to the Human Resource and Benefits Community as well as seminars devoted to improving business practices. Many of these seminars award continuing education credit to help our membership in maintaining professional certification standards.

As a General Member, you can opt to receive and retain select discounted tickets at your business on consignment. Employees may purchase the tickets at work for maximum convenience and your RARES Representative periodically reconciles sales with our office. Car wash, all movie tickets, and many amusement park tickets are available on consignment. Alternatively, you may also have your employees obtain all discounted tickets directly through the RARES office (or any combination of the two). RARES strives to offer your company the maximum flexibility in administering your benefits programs.

What are your employees worth to you? Well, here's what a typical employee with a wife and child (family of 3) could easily save in a year with RARES if they availed themselves of just some of the 400+ opportunities to save (These are are actual figures taken from an audited study we undertake bi-annually of over 250 members). The figures below were compiled in April 2011:

Activity Savings
3 trips to the movies ($2.25 savings per ticket for a family of 3 = 9 tickets) $20.25
1 trip to an amusement park ($13.24 x 2 savings on an adult ticket at Darien Lake and $7.24 savings on a child's ticket) $33.72
Home & Cleaning Purchases
$75 purchase at ($7 off) $7.00
$60 purchase at (15%) $9.00
Floor lamp at (10%) $9.75
3 oil changes ($4.09 savings) $12.27
8 car washes ($3.37 savings on Super Kiss washes) $26.96
Insurance (5-10% savings from Liberty Mutual) $67.00
Sporting Events
3 baseball tickets (Red Wings reserved seating) $4.50
On the Town
A night away from home without the kid at Geva (2 of the best Saturday evening tickets at $43 each - 15% savings) $12.90
Nice dinner for 2 at a participating restaurant partner) $4.00
New desktop PC from Dell (3% to 12% savings) $56.00
For the kids
Chairs & table rental from Bob Spatola's Party Rental for your daughter's 13th birthday party $24.00
Circus at the BC/BS Arena $6.00
Rochester Museum & Science Center ($2 off 2 adult admissions, $1 off child) $5.00
Family Pets
Heartworm medication from 1800PETMEDS $6.00
20% discount from any Staub's and Ben Barnet Cleaners $25.00
Total savings $329.35

And of course, if that employee and his or her family took a trip, they could save at over eight dozen out-of-area amusement parks and ski resorts as well as on hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. And if they decided to buy or sell their house, they could save THOUSANDS of dollars on real estate commissions (and that applies to buyers, not just sellers), hundreds or thousands on their mortgage costs, and other great savings on their legal costs and homeowners insurance. The above figure is conservative. Realistically, your employees can save many hundreds more, even thousands, each and every year. Multiply these savings by the number of individuals in your company and you can see what a spectacular investment as part of your benefits package that RARES truly is.

Here are a few comments from RARES members about our program:

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our employees regarding RARES and we’re looking forward to taking advantage of these great deals in the coming year. Tyler Norton, DDS Companies
We will be renewing . . . , can't imagine not having RARES!!! Nancy Thompson, Assistant VP Payroll and Benefits, Canandaigua National Bank
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that by using the link and the discount codes from this email yesterday, I bought $138 dollars worth of items from Old Navy that came to $78.97 with FREE SHIPPING!!!! I just wanted to thank thank thank you! What an awesome deal! Thanks again! Caren Epps, Bausch & Lomb
I just wanted to thank you for pulling my name out to win the vacation trip to Caesar’s Paradise Stream Resort. I went with a friend last week for our 3 day, 2 night getaway and we had such a wonderful time. The weather was fantastic while we were there. Played golf in our shorts and it was just so beautiful out there on the golf course. So quiet, you could hear the leaves fall off the trees and the colors were wonderful. We did find the outlet mall and the casino. The food was great and all you could eat. So once again I just wanted to thank you for making this trip possible for us. Rose Martin, Strong Hospital
Stantec has been a RARES member for over 25 years and our employees love all the ways they can save money. From everyday life (car care, dry cleaning, etc.) to weekend fun (amusement parks, museums, movies, theatre, sporting events, etc.), RARES has it all! Vickie Menz, Stantec
I have used my RARES card repeatedly from renewing my Sam’s Club membership to just recently saving $50.00 on a nearly $500.00 car repair bill from Monro Muffler. The $50.00 may not seem like much, but in these difficult economic times I am glad that I was able to keep it in my pocket . . . When I showed [the manager on duty] my card he knew immediately what it was. The 10 percent off coupon from the RARES site was a big help! Thanks again, every few dollars counts. David Bulin, Globalinx/5Linx Enterprises, Inc.
I just wanted to THANK YOU for the RARES Opportunities. I have saved so much $$ since our company has been a member of the RARES program. I am always telling my friends and family about all the great deals I have obtained through this program. Most recently, I purchased a deeply discounted 3 day/2 night stay at the Garden of Eden Apple Suite at Cove Haven in the Poconos, PA. I used this as a MBA (Mystery Birthday Adventure) for my husband, and surprised him with the getaway. I was even more surprise once we arrived at Cove Haven. It was everything I imagined. There were a TON of things to do, or we could just enjoy each other’s company in our private suite. We went Snowmobiling, Roller Skating, Played Bingo, Table Tennis, Archery, Played (AND WON!) the “No-So-Newlywed” Game and really loved the privacy of our own swimming pool in the suite itself. The food and entertainment were great as well. I have also purchased discounts for The Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, Geva and utilized discounts at the Outlet Malls, and also online at Target. In today’s economy, it is necessary to save wherever you can, and RARES helps me to achieve that, without giving up the entertainment I LOVE. Thank you for a GREAT Program!!! Roni McHugh, Global Crossing
I really appreciate the follow up on this. You do an amazing job and should be commended for your hard work. I know my little nephews also appreciate it as well J. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nicholas Schulmerich, Staples NAD
PS. we booked a hotel room through RARES in the Buffalo area and it was less expensive than, now that's impressive!!!!! Donna Pascarella, ACM Medical Labs/Unity Health

General Membership is available for a small investment starting at just $90 annually depending upon company size. That's just pennies per employee for most organizations to offer your employees dozens of money-saving discounts on area products and services. In 2012, after 7 years of no increases, we increased membership dues $5 to $25 depending upon the company size (a less than 3% increase in most cases). We also created a new category for smaller businesses actually lowering the membership dues level. Dues for 2016 remain the same as in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Company Size 2016 Annual Dues (Jan. - Dec.)
1 - 25 employees $90
26 - 74 employees $190
75 - 349 employees $240
350 - 999 employees $275
1,000 - 1,999 employees $325
2,000 - 2,999 employees $435
3,000 - 4,999 employees $500
5,000+ employees available upon request

Click to download the documents in the links below for membership registration and information

.doc .pdf
General Membership Application General Membership Application
General Membership Brochure General Membership Brochure
RARES Policies & Procedures RARES Policies & Procedures

In many instances, all RARES members need to do to receive their discount is show their RARES Membership ID Card (available at no cost from their RARES Representative) at the box office or retail counter. RARES members can save by showing your ID card at over 90 locations - more including Staub's Cleaners, Darien Lake, Flaherty's restaurants and many, many more.

Other discounts require an advance phone call, reservations, online purchases, or purchase of tickets/coupons in advance. Our members are encouraged to consult the RARES web site, contact your company's RARES Representative, or the RARES office on when to obtain discounted tickets or services BEFORE visiting - more.

Please note that the participation of the above organizations and their discounts may change at any time. The RARES web site lists all companies who are presently members of RARES and the current discounts they offer. New members are added frequently so please check the web site for further information on Associate Member Vendors who offer discounts through RARES.

In 2004, RARES entered into a partnership with Iroquois Healthcare and provides access to RARES discounts to all Iroquois ESP members throughout eastern and southern NY State (approximately 32,000 members). Iroqouis' ESP program serves employees in the hospital and senior care professions.

General Member Benefits & Services

  • Employee discount ticket and consignment programs for a variety of cost-saving services provided for member companies.
  • Combined strength of a professional organization with goals, interests, and influence in the employee services and recreation field. Networking opportunities.
  • Seminars featuring presentations by employee services experts and associate members on a variety of issues and trends - more.
  • Newsletters featuring upcoming events, General and Associate member news and other timely articles.
  • Increased buying power by representing over 330,000 employees in the Rochester and upstate NY area.
  • Membership Directory of all General and Associate members.

Individual/Family General Members

The best way for you to be a member of RARES is to convince the Benefits Manager at your employer to join. In that fashion, you obtain all of the benefits of RARES, don't have to pay, and can enjoy the convenience of purchasing many tickets right at your work place.

But if your employer is not a member of RARES, our Association makes available to individuals and families who are desirous of the educational activities of RARES and of the other employee benefits offered, the chance to join and enjoy all of the benefits for a reasonable price.

Individual/Family General Membership is designed for persons who may be a student in the field of Recreation or Employee Services or for an individual who may work for an employer who is not yet a member of RARES and who can show an affiliation or a relationship with the field of recreation, employee services, or benefits/HR. For one small annual fee, you receive a RARES membership card and ID # which will provide you with access to all of the educational activities that RARES sponsors, more than 400 savings opportunities that RARES members enjoy, and the chance to order discounted attraction tickets directly from the RARES office.

Individual/Family (it's one and the same) General Membership is available for just $10. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 and is not pro-rated (the cost is the same for joining at any time during the year). To not run afoul of our organizing principles, we significantly limit the # of individuals memberships so please don't be disappointed if we decline a membership or ask for additional information.

Click to download the documents in the links below for membership registration and information

.doc .pdf
Individual Membership Application Individual Membership Application