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Best Practices

How to use your RARES Membership



RARES is a professional organization offering employee benefits programs to our Members. RARES offers discounts on products and services both locally and nationally, ranging from car washes and movie tickets to theme parks and travel, retail, restaurants and more. When a company joins RARES as a General Member, all of their employees are automatically members and have full access to all of our discounts, including those of our partner benefit programs, BenefitHub, Best Benefits Club, Orlando Employee Discounts, Recreation Connection and Tickets at Work - together offering hundred of thousands of discounts. It’s a great way to give back to employees. Companies can also join as an Associate Member where they offer a discount to our Members and are promoted on our website and in our weekly newsletter which goes out to all of our General Members.

Looking for Local Deal - Start in the RARES Store

The RARES Store contains the lowest prices offered by RARES. These are paper tickets and can be picked up at our East Rochester location or mailed to you!

Didn’t find the discount you were looking for….Try our partner programs!