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312 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY 14445
Phone: (585) 789-0245
Email: rares@riversorg.com

What we do . . .

RARES is many things to many people. First and foremost, RARES, is a member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and bettering the benefits packages of our member companies and improving the professionalism of their HR & Benefits staffs.

RARES is dedicated to promoting Employee Services and Recreational programs as an integral factor in sound business management principles and workforce readiness initiatives by providing education, networking and resources to those of you responsible for employee morale programs.

Employee morale managers typically work in the human resource departments of organizations. They are responsible for managing employee services, including recreation programs, community services, recognition programs, event planning, childcare/eldercare services, convenience services, and travel offerings. Employee Morale and Recreation Association exists to enhance the employee services profession through education, peer networking and discounts on products and services.

To the HR representatives and benefits representatives who serve as the interface between RARES and their respective companies, we are an invaluable resource - providing cost effective employee benefits with ease.

To the companies who join RARES to promote their products or services through the discounts offered to our larger membership, the association is the most cost effective method of promotion available.

To our General Members (and their families), we are a source of savings on everything from food to legal services to amusement and recreation.

RARES does not accept paid advertising. Members do not pay a fee for placement or special placement of information on the RARES website. Member companies, including Associate Member (vendor) companies, may pay a membership fee to be a current member of the association. The association may obtain revenue (i.e., commissions) from purchases of online merchandise offered at a discount on the RARES website.

The association does endorse the companies who are members of RARES and encourages RARES members to support these organizations with their purchases. Likewise, the association takes complaints of alleged violations of discount offerings seriously and asks that the membership report any concerns immediately to the RARES Board. The association will make every effort to investigate and if necessary mediate a resolution and may take action for violations including revocation of membership for violations of RARES policy and procedures.

Our association is RARES - the Regional Area Recreation and Employee Services Association.

What is RARES?

RARES is a professional organization chartered in 1983 (originally as the Rochester Area Recreation and Employee Services Association), to assist in offering employee benefits and discounts on area products and services to its membership.

RARES offers two types of membership - Associate Members, or vendors, who provide discounts on goods or services to the RARES membership, and General Members, who are the businesses that join to offer these same discounts to their employees.

All General Members nominate a RARES Representative to serve as their contact point with RARES and who disseminates information to that company's employees. Most of these RARES representatives are Human Resource Directors or Benefits Specialists who work in employee benefits, services, and/or recreation fields. In essence, the association exists to both increase employee retention and build corporate morale.

As a not-for-profit, all membership fees collected from RARES members go to support the undertakings of the organization.

What is the Purpose of RARES?

The purpose of the association is to bring together individuals representing employees in the Upstate New York area from businesses and organizations, who are interested in promoting various activities, events, products and services that would be beneficial to their respective employees. We are a not-for-profit that exists to supplement the benefits offerings of our respective employer members.

What RARES does for its General Members . . .

General Member organizations are the businesses, associations, or not-for-profits that join to offer RARES discounts to their employees or members. Recently, we have also extended this opportunity to individuals or families as well.

Our General Membership companies pay an annual fee to access time saving resources, tools, and information about discounts and free services available to their employee members. Annual membership fees vary between $10 and $500 depending upon company size or individual/family membership. Click here for general membership cost information).

Employee services and recreation programs create positive work environments for employees. Through a RARES membership you will be able to network and enhance your employee services and recreation programs. This results in:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Motivation
  • Improved Morale
  • Improved Attendance
  • Improved Teamwork and Camaraderie Among Employees
  • Reduced Turnover

These benefits promote healthy activities for employees and their families, lead to better relations between employers and employees and save companies millions of dollars!

What RARES does for its Associate Members . . .

Associate Members, or vendors, provide discounts on goods or services to the general RARES membership

Associate Membership in RARES is paid annually (and may be less for not-for-profit or out-of-area companies). For more about Associate Membership levels, click here.


Our online newsletter is published 50 times a year and is designed for promoting your program (space permitting) at no extra charge.

Web Site Marketing

RARES also helps you promote your products through our website. Banner ads, vendor profiles and links to your company's website are all available. If a RARES Member agrees to offer your program, they will distribute promotional materials and sell the program to their employees and their families.

The most successful Associate Members in RARES are those who truly offer a real value and significant discount on their product or service coupled with a good promotional program and a strong desire to work closely with the RARES association and its members.